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Cleaning Industry Report South Africa

The Contract Cleaning Industry in South Africa 2022

Analysis on South Africa’s Contract Cleaning Industry, 2020 –

Report updated July 2022
April 7, 2020

“The Contract Cleaning Industry in South Africa 2020” report has been added to’s offering.
“The Contract Cleaning Industry in South Africa 2020”
This report on the Contract Cleaning Industry includes information on the state and size of the industry, the major players and the factors that influence the sector.
There are profiles of 27 companies including major players such as Bidvest Services, which owns Bidvest Prestige, Supercare Services and Supercare Hygiene, which are owned by the Empact Group, and Servest. Other companies profiled include SweepSouth, in which Naspers Foundry invested R30m, and Tsebo Solutions, which is in 23 African countries servicing industries from mining and industrial to corporate, healthcare and leisure.
The Contract Cleaning Industry
The contract cleaning industry plays an important role in job creation in South Africa and it is estimated that the sector contributed about 0.8% to GDP in Q3 2019. Due to the informal nature of cleaning businesses, the majority of workers in the sector are employed under fixed-term commercial contracts. Based on National Contract Cleaners Association membership, the sector is growing strongly as entry into the industry is easy and startups are flooding the market. The industry is susceptible to economic downturns as customers try to cut costs and negotiate lower rates.
Threats and Growth Drivers
The biggest threat to the industry is insourcing. Some companies decide to insource to save money, but soon realise that equipment is expensive and they have to deal with human resource issues and source cleaning materials themselves. The construction industry recession puts a further constraint on future growth. However, the drive to provide clean and safe work environments, and the move towards green cleaning are growth drivers. There are opportunities for entrepreneurs to enter the industry by employing a few people, usually on a temporary basis, acquiring some second-hand cleaning equipment and offering cleaning services to home owners or businesses where the major players are not present.

Key Topics Covered
1. Introduction
2. Description of the Industry
2.1. Industry Value Chain
2.2. Geographic Position
3. Size of the Industry
4. State of the Industry
4.1. Local
4.1.1. Corporate Actions
4.1.2. Regulations
4.1.3. Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development
4.2. Continental
4.3. International
5. Influencing Factors
5.1. Economic Environment
5.2. Input Costs
5.3. Technology, Research & Development (R&D) and Innovation
5.4. Labour
5.5. Environmental Concerns
5.6. Standards and Compliance
5.7. Electricity and Water Supply Constraints
6. Competition
6.1. Barriers to Entry
7. SWOT Analysis
8. Outlook
9. Industry Associations
10. References
10.1. Publications
10.2. Websites

Company Profiles
Supercare Services Group (Pty) Ltd
Bidvest Services (Pty) Ltd
Servest (Pty) Ltd
Suburban Services (Pty) Ltd
BidAir Services (Pty) Ltd
TMS Group Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd
S A Cleaning Services (Pty) Ltd
Red Alert TSS (Pty) Ltd
Rentokil Initial (Pty) Ltd
Industrial Waste and Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd
Metro Sanitary Solutions CC
Cleaning Africa Services (Pty) Ltd
African Corporate Cleaning (Pty) Ltd
Specialists Franchise Group (Pty) Ltd (The)
Teloc Waste Management (Pty) Ltd
Excellerate Services (Pty) Ltd
Tsebo Solutions Group (Pty) Ltd
Supercare Hygiene (Pty) Ltd
AfriServ (Pty) Ltd
Waco Africa (Pty) Ltd
Guardian Angel Security (Pty) Ltd
Blue 60 Town Trading (Pty) Ltd
Meondo Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Bontiware (Pty) Ltd
Danic Pest Control and Cleaning CC
M M A Security Services CC
Sweep South (Pty) Ltd

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