Professional Cleaning in the Health care  Industry in South Africa comprises  public and private hospitals and clinics.

The  public sector has a total of 422 hospitals and 3841 clinics. With  a total of 35 217 beds. The private sector consists of 3 main hospital groups, primary healthcare facilities and independent hospitals  forming the National hospital network.

Life Healthcare          66 Healthcare facilities and 7644 beds

Mediclinic                   49 Hospitals  and 7855 beds, ER 24 forms part of Mediclinic.

Netcare                        54 Hospitals and 9424 beds including the                                                                    87  Primary healthcare facilities.

An interesting productivity fact is that in an open plan office environment with good housekeeping one cleaner per 8 hour shift can clean up to 1100 square meters. In a hospital because of Infection control protocols and continues spot and spill cleaning ,one cleaner per shift can effectively clean 600 square meters. As in all cleaning, labour is 80% of the cost therefore resource productivity should be optimally calculated and applied. 

Worldwide, the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention) provides invaluable research data and subject matter expertise in Infection Control.  

The first SAQA Healthcare  Qualification for the cleaning industry was registered in March 2022. The information and document is available from the PBEH (The Professional Body for Environmental Hygiene)

Download the valuable workbook,  ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANING IN HEALTHCARE FACILITES by  the CDC 

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