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Why APPOINT a ncca member?

For over 40 years the NCCA has been the custodian of standards in the cleaning industry.

  • We give stakeholders peace of mind that members will deliver a professional service
  • Compliance audits conducted annually to ensure that members comply with legislation
  • The NCCA is the International Sanitary Supply Association’s (ISSA)’s official representative in Southern Africa
  • Our members adhere to internationally benchmarked standards
  • Members subscribe to a code of ethics
  • The NCCA actively assists and encourages new entrants into our sector
  • NCCA members service the full spectrum of facilities – commercial offices, government and municipal, facility management, transport, education, healthcare, pharmaceutical, food industry, agriculture, tourism and hospitality, energy, mining, motor manufacturing and heavy industry
  • Members allow your employees and visitors to return safely to clean and hygienic workplaces after the COVID-19 pandemic

Both cleaning companies and suppliers are eligible to join the NCCA
Over 100,000 member-company employees deliver a professional cleaning service and contribute positively to the health and well-being of over 5 million South Africans every day





There is a common misconception that ‘anyone can provide a cleaning service.’ This notion does not recognize the fact that cleaning an operating room in a hospital or a pharmaceutical facility manufacturing vaccines requires highly skilled employees. NCCA members require their employees to have high level cleaning skills. They invest on an ongoing basis in internationally benchmarked skills development through their Professional Body, the PBEH

  • Perceived low barriers to entry mean that there is a steady stream of new entrants into the cleaning industry. The NCCA is the driving force behind training and capacitating new entrants who, without fully appreciating the ethics, professionalism and complexities of the industry, could have the potential to cause serious long-term damage to the industry. These dangers may be posed by both unscrupulous new entrants and even well-established companies.  Non-compliance with the national legislation applicable to the cleaning industry poses huge risks. These dangers include:
  • Failure to pay the legislated minimum wages to employees
  • Failure to pay VAT and other taxes over to SARS
  • Failure to pay employee provident fund contributions over to NBC Holdings
  • Illegal use of the SABS Mark on chemical products
  • Corrupt promotion of unproven COVID-19 decontamination methods such as fogging in defiance of the advice of Government experts
  • Corrupt abuse of Government tender processes, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The NCCA estimates that this amounted to at least R4 billion over the course of the pandemic. The NCCA, SARS, SIU and Corruption Watch have been instrumental in recovering over R1 billion so far from non-compliant, corrupt companies

The vigilance of the NCCA’s experienced team of compliance auditors is our first line of defence against these abuses. The NCCA recognizes that non-compliant and corrupt practices make it almost impossible for ethical participants to compete fairly in the market. The NCCA therefore commits itself to unequivocally enforcing compliance with unrelenting vigor in the future

The NCCA welcomes both contract cleaners and suppliers to join as members. We are an employer organization that has served Southern Africa for over 40 years

Minimum Wage Cleaning Industry 2023

New Gazetted Industry Wage 2023

Please click on the Gazette of 21 February 2023 to Download. Wage effective from March 1, 2023

A Unified Voice

An authoritative national body gives industry a voice to address all stakeholders, including government.


Skills Development and Training in partnership with the Professional Body For Environmental Hygiene , PBEH


ISSA Africa Partnership

Sharing best practices, new technology and other knowledge uplifts standards across our industry.

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